How much money will I make from apps?
Dave Hancock wrote this on February 19th 2016
One of the most common questions we get asked before a customer signs up is "How much money will I make?"

Of course it's impossible to predict exactly how much you'll earn. It depends on a few factors, like:

1. The quality of your content
If you're selling low quality videos from the 90's, you're going to struggle. Videos don't necessarily need to be in HD, but they do need to be of high production quality.

2. How much competition there is for your content
Some areas in the app store are very competitive, whereas others have little to no existing competition. If you can find a niche in the app store with low competition, there's a lot of potential to generate sales with little to no marketing effort required.

3. How much marketing you do outside the app store
The larger your follower base and the more marketing you can do outside the app store, the better. Obviously this will directly lead to sales, but it will also increase your app's rank in app store searches (which will lead to more installations and sales from app store search traffic).

Even knowing those factors, it's still difficult to predict how well you'll do.

What I can tell you though, is how much our current customers are selling (at a high level):

So, more than half of our customers are selling thousands of USD per year. Not a bad source of additional income! Most of these customers already had the content. They just needed to publish their videos as apps to create this new revenue stream.

I can also tell you that on average, our customers pay back their initial publishing fees in 2 months. Not bad, considering their apps will be live for years.

Hopefully this helps you in making your decision. If you'd like any more information, just let me know at