My videos already play on smartphones and tablets, do I really need an app?
Dave Hancock wrote this on December 10th 2014
Yes! Think about other media and technology companies, like facebook, gmail, ebay... They all have mobile websites which work well on smartphones and tablets, but they all have apps!

Why? Because customers who regularly access your content on a smartphone or tablet need an app, it's as simple as that.

Apps are faster and more convenient than mobile websites. As proven by this survey which shows that 85% of users prefer apps over websites, primarily because of their speed and native design features.

Making a purchase is a great illustration of the speed and convenience of apps. On a mobile website, to make a purchase you need to enter your email, password, credit card number and other details... All on a mobile keyboard! It's a nightmare. Through an app, you can use app store in-app purchases, so the process can be as easy as pressing 'Confirm'. In addition, the purchase is secure and spread across all of your devices, with no more typing in your email and password required.

Apps also offer functionality which can't be provided through mobile websites. Downloading videos is a great example of this. How can a user securely download a video with a great user experience through a mobile website? They can't! You need an app with native functionality to do that.

Finally, apps are even more important for video content producers, because they make your content visible to app store users who are actively searching for content like yours. We have many customers who have generated sales with apps, simply by making their videos accessible in the app stores.

So, by launching an app, not only are you making life better for your existing customers, but you are also creating the opportunity to gain new customers and generate additional sales.

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