1 - Do all vidapps need to be listed under the 'Vidapp' developer title in the app stores?

No, they don't! Have a look at our Sleek Technique and BJJ Building Blocks apps, which have both been published under different developer titles.

There are additional costs involved with this option, which at this stage are $99 annually to be paid to Apple and a one-off fee of $25 to be paid to Android.

2 - If I choose to, how do I set up my own developer accounts?

Just follow our instructions here. It typically takes anywhere from a few days up to 3 weeks, so allow plenty of time.

3 - Who is responsible for marketing my app?

We can help you to get as much app store search traffic as possible with app store search optimization, but for best results, we've found it's important to market your apps to your existing fans and followers (just as you would market a new book or DVD release), which we leave up to you.

4 - How can I send you my videos?

You can submit videos in seconds by selecting them in your Dropbox account or by giving us a URL for your video.

If your videos aren't already on Dropbox or online, you can upload them directly to our servers through our website (once you've created an account).

5 - How do I receive payments from Apple and Google?

Apple and Google both make monthly payments approximately 30 days after the end of the month in which sales were made.

If you're publishing your apps under the 'Vidapp' developer title, we will receive payments from Apple and Google on your behalf and deliver your share to you via PayPal within 30 days.

If you publish your apps under your own developer title, you will receive payments directly from Apple and Google. We will then send you an invoice for our share (if you have chosen one of our pricing options with a revenue share component).

6 - How can I see how many videos I've sold?

Once your app is live, you will be able to monitor your sales through the 'Sales and Trends' page on our website (as per the example below). This page details your installation and sales figures for apps and in-app purchases.