For Apple:

Please note that before you can enrol, you need the D-U-N-S number for your company (see here for more information).

Also please note that Apple will change this process from time-to-time and these steps may temporarily become out-of-date. If you notice that any of these steps don't match what you're seeing on Apple's website, please email us ( and we will assist you.

Step 1.
Go to

Step 2.
After reading the information about enrolling as an organization, click 'Start Your Enrolment' (you will be enrolling as an organization, but that selection isn't required at this stage).

Step 3.
Create a new Apple ID for your app account (even if you have an existing Apple ID). By having an email address that's dedicated solely to your apps, you will avoid future complications.

Step 4.
Accept the Apple Developer Agreement and click 'Submit'.

Step 5.
Select that you will develop apps as a 'Company / Organization' and then click 'Continue'.

Step 6.
Confirm that you have authority to sign legal agreements on behalf of your company and enter your organization's information. Then click 'Continue'.

Step 7.
Review your enrolment information and click 'Submit'.

Step 8.
Wait for Apple to verify your signature authority (this typically involves a phone call and takes 1-3 days). You can view your enrollment status by going to

Step 9.
Once Apple have verified your signature authority, continue with your application by going to the Member Center ( and clicking ‘Review Now’ to review the license agreement.

Step 10.
Click ‘I Agree’ to accept the license.

Step 11.
Complete your purchase.

Step 12.
Wait for Apple to process your order and activate your account.

Step 13.
Once your account has been activated, log into iTunesConnect (

Step 14.
Once logged into iTunesConnect, in the 'Agreements, Tax, and Banking' section, fill in the 'Contact Info', 'Bank Info' and 'Tax Info' sections for the 'Paid Applications' contract.

Step 15.
Still in iTunesConnect, go to the 'Users and Roles' section. Add a new 'iTunes Connect User' with the following details:

First Name - VidApp
Last Name - Support
Email Address - (please create a new email address using your
company name, for example '')

Selected Roles - Admin

App Status Report Notifications - All Territories
Agreement Notifications - All Territories
Financial Report Notifications - No Territories
Payments Notifications - No Territories

Step 16.
The final step is to add us in the 'Member Center', by going to and clicking 'Member Center' at the top right of the screen.

Step 17.
Once logged in, click 'People' at the top left of your screen, then 'Invitations' in the left panel, then 'Invite Person' to send an invite to:

First Name - VidApp
Last Name - Support
Email Address - (please use the same email address you created for us
above in Step 15)
Access and Roles - Admin

Step 18.
Please email us to confirm you've completed the process and to let us know the developer title you'd like your apps to be listed under in the app store.

For Android:

Step 1.
Follow the instructions here to register for a Publisher Account and to set up a Google Payments Merchant Account.

Step 2.
Once you've completed the above, in the Android Publisher console go to 'Settings' -> 'User accounts & rights' -> 'Invite new user'. Then send an invite to '' with the role 'Administrator'.

Step 3.
Go to the API Access page and click 'CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT'.

Step 4.
On the Services Account page, click 'CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT' again.

Step 5.
Enter the following details and click 'CREATE':

Service account name - VidApp Service Account
Role - Project > Service Account Actor
Furnish a new private key - Checked
Key type -JSON

Step 6.
Email us the JSON file and service account email to us.

Step 7.
Go back to the API Access page and click 'GRANT ACCESS'.

Step 8.
Set the 'Role' to 'Release manager' and then click 'ADD USER'.