The Seven Easiest Ways To Promote Your Video App

The Seven Easiest Ways To Promote Your Video App

You’ve spent lots of time building the best video app possible, and now you have to focus on getting it out there to the public. The options to promote your app may seem a little overwhelming, but if you’re not an expert in marketing, or would just like some guidance, read on to learn about the easiest and most effective ways to market your app. The competition is tough, and customers won’t just magically appear, so it’s important to get a leg up. There are billions of smartphone users, and each of them regularly use apps, but how do you make yours stand out?

Free Ways To Promote

If you’re just starting out and don’t have a huge marketing budget, try some of the free promotion tips listed below. For some people, they may be just enough to draw in the audience you’re looking for. Of course, it’s always a smart idea to try multiple marketing channels until you find the right combination of what works for you.

  • Optimize Your App – app store optimization (ASO) is a huge component to making your app appealing to potential customers. It’s important to rank high in app store search results, so that when people search for “video apps,” your app will be visible to them. Do some keyword research, and include keywords that potential customers are looking for in your title and app description.


  • Offer Promotional Price – everyone loves a sale! If customers see that your app is on sale, they may rush to buy it before the promotion is over, rather than waiting to buy it. An enticing price can really draw people in.


  • Create A Demo – many customers today are looking for products that are a solution to a problem in their lives. Seeing how your app functions can help give users a better idea of how useful and helpful it will be to them, so it may be a good idea to offer a free demo. If they can clearly see the usefulness of the app in a demo, they’ll more likely jump on the opportunity to buy the full product.


  • Use Social Media – create a page for your app, and also promote to your personal friends to increase your social presence. Encourage people to spread the word, and create and share engaging content that will get people talking. Social media is an easy way to spread the word if you do it correctly. Using social media to promote things is simply about building an audience and keeping them both engaged and informed.


Paid Ways To Promote

If free advertising isn’t working in the way that you need it to, or you have a budget dedicated to marketing, paid ads can really help you reach a wider audience. Think about the platforms that your audience is likely to use, and go on from there.

  • Create A Social Ad – paid ads on social media can be surprisingly cheap, and you can choose the demographics you’d like to target. Putting just a few dollars into an ad on platforms like Facebook or Instagram can help people discover your app, and make it super easy for them to download it in just a few taps.


  • Advertise In The App Store – When Apple launched iOS 10, they also introduced Search Ads. Search Ads is a way to advertise within the App Store, for a fee. You can bid for relevant keywords, which means that when a user is searching for apps using a particular keyword (remember the ASO tips above), your app appears first.


  • Hire A Marketing Agency – if you’re really serious about selling your app, and have a little bit of extra money, hiring a marketing agency can help you get out there. Marketing agencies are experts and may help you see the results you’re looking for with a quicker turnaround than if you were just to do it by yourself.

Creating a great video app takes a lot of work, so don’t risk letting it languish in the App Store and wait for the downloads to trickle in. Take action to get the word out there and set yourself apart, so you can show off the product you made to the people who need it the most.


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