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Why Members Will Pay For Your Branded App

Why Members Will Pay For Your Branded App


In a world where there is an app that does virtually anything you can imagine, there’s often a lot of competition for space on your device. With most paid apps, there is one that will do something similar that costs nothing. But as Kevin Breuninger writes for CNBC, each year more people are paying for digital content. Branded apps are becoming more popular as people search for reliable content. James Tiongson writes in Think with Google about how people find and use apps today. So in a world of unending free video apps as well as apps for different types of content, why are more people paying for content each year?


Ease of Access

People value “easy” these days. Many free video apps act as a portal to videos on different servers with different providers. This slows things down and it is much more unreliable. When everything is in one location and through the same app it is more reliable. People will pay for this convenience and it is a great way to have more brand association with a stellar product.


Reliable Information

Free can often mean unreliable. With branded video content that an audience pays for, there comes a level of trust that the content is true and accurate. In a world full of endless chatter and noise, people are willing to pay extra to sift through the rubbish and get to factual information with sources that are trustworthy.


Design and Build

The design, style and flow of branded apps is very important. They should look great and be incredibly easy to use. One of the benefits of paying for branded video or other types of content is that you can trust how well the platform was built. Paid content tends to be less “buggy” as well.


Get More Bang for Your Buck

You get more for your money with branded apps as well. If you are paying for content, you can be assured that you’re getting what you are wanting, faster and better. People also tend to place a higher value on what costs them money, so associating value with branded content is a win-win situation.

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