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Congratulations on the step towards your own Android app!

Get ready to connect and engage with your audience like never before! You have now taken the first step towards the launch of your very own branded Android app / vid-app.

We have received your request and our team are now in the process of creating the first version of your app design assets and your test version. Please look out for an email in the next 72 hours with the next steps.

In the meantime, have a look through the information below to familiarize yourself with the different aspects of your apps and please let us know if you have any questions

1. App Icon

Your App Icon is the first visual element of your app that users see when they come across it in the search results page or Top Charts. Your App Icon directly affects the first impression and click-through rates.

2. Feature Graphic

The second visual element that users come across when they visit your listing on Google Play, is your feature graphic

3. App Title

Google allow 50 characters for your App Title compared to Apples 30. For App Store Optimization, maximize the use of this space for your app and improve keywords rankings. Add some of your most powerful keywords to your Title alongside your brand name

4. Developer Name

Your developer name is an important on-metadata factor that has an effect on app search rankings. Google also keeps a record of developer history, and the apps with positive developer history tend to rank higher in Google Play searches.

5. Installs Volume

Install volumes give users an immediate indication of how popular your app is. Drive install volumes through advertising campaigns, or simply increasing the awareness of your app by linking to it in your email signatures, social media pages and on your website.

6. Average Rating

60% of people always check or are likely to check ratings before downloading a new app.

Both the number of reviews, and the average rating has a strong influence on how your app ranks in app store search results. Encourage your loyal fans to leave positive reviews whenever possible.

7. Category

Users often browse for apps by category, so choose yours carefully.

8. Short Description

You can include up to 80 characters in the short description field. It’s very important to keep the balance to provide a clear description that includes some of the main keywords that you want your application to rank for.

A well-composed short description provides a highlight about the virtues and purpose of your app, and clearly delivers a message about its value to catch attention. The user can then expand it by viewing the full description.

9. Screenshots

Like the other graphic elements of your app listing, screenshots are an on-metadata element that are responsible for ASO and conversion rates.

They don’t have such a huge visibility on Google Play (compared with the Apple App Store), simply because the user has to scroll through to the listing to see them. Screenshots still remain essential for the users to see how the app look before downloading.

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