To cancel or manage your subscription your must do so by following the instructions below.

If you have signed up via a  website, then you will need to cancel your subscription on the website it was created on.

If you signed up within the app, then all in-app subscriptions are managed by Apple, Google, and Roku. We are simply unable to change or cancel anything for you.

To cancel your in-app subscriptions please follow the instructions for your device below:

Head into your settings on your phone > iTunes & App Store > Click your Apple ID > View Apple ID > Subscriptions > Cancel Subscription

Open Google Play Store > Tap Menu > Account > Subscriptions > Find the subscription you want to cancel > Cancel Subscription

To cancel your Roku subscriptions then please follow the instructions below

We would love to help! But unfortunately we simply do not have the power to do that as Apple, Google, and Roku manage all in-app subscriptions and purchases. 

Please  follow the instructions in the “To view, cancel or manage your subscriptions” drop down above.

For website purchases you will need to request a refund from the website you signed up on.

For in-app purchases, you will need to request one from Apple, Google or Roku.

Please note – we are simply unable to process a refund for you as it has to be processed by the App Store you purchased from. If you would like a refund then you will need to contact them on the links below.

Apple: Here

Google: Here

Roku: Here

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