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Integrate VidApp with your current platform to create a customized fitness or wellness app your members will love.
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Chris Sharpe
Yoga with Adriene
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Integrate your current online course or OTT platform.

App Features

Fitness and wellness features your members will love.

Favorites and
Custom Playlists
Easily save videos or classes in their own 'Favorites' or custom playlists.
Keep users on-track with their goals
Let users easily schedule their own classes and track their days to achieve their goals.
Secure Downloads
Secure downloads for offline viewing so your users can watch wherever and whenever they like.
In-app Purchases
Sell your memberships and subscriptions in the App Stores with native in-app purchases.
Keep them engaged with unlimited push notifications across all iOS and Android devices.
In-app Calendar and Journal
Make your monthly calendars interactive with an in-app calendar and journal feature.
Why VidApp

World-class apps, without the cost and risk of custom development.

Highly customizable layouts and branding
No expensive custom development
Quick to launch
(4-6 weeks)
Specialty Fitness + Wellness features
We handle app user tech support for you
Happier, more engaged subscribers!

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Stand out in a competitive market
Create an immersive app experience and make sure you standout from other players in your space.
Keep your members happier, for longer
Increase engagement and reduce churn by upgrading your app with features your members are asking for.
Increase conversions, and grow your revenue
Optimize for conversions and attract more members. Our clients have seen as much as 400% app revenue growth.
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