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Launch your own native iOS & Android apps specifically designed for your video courses and memberships. Increase engagement and reduce churn with an app experience they'll love!
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Powering world leading experts, personalities and channels

Save $5,000 on app setup costs and take your
video courses or membership to the next level with VidApp

$8,999 $2,999 save $5,000

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“We explored app development before but felt like it was overwhelming and extremely expensive.
VidApp’s combined experience with membership sites and video apps made it so easy and a fraction of the price of other quotes. The whole team did a wonderful job and we couldn’t be happier!”

Jack Coble, Pilatesology Co-Founder

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VidApp Web To App

Sync, Build, Launch, and Update. We make it all easy.

VidApp's white-glove service does all the heavy lifting for you.

We'll sync your WordPress content into our VidApp Builder, build your apps with our customizable templates, and then publish them into the App Stores.

Once they're live, easily update in-app content while we handle all app support, maintenance and upgrades.
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VidApp Builder Design

Create an immersive app experience your members
will love

Don't settle for a boring white labelled solution. Stand out from the crowd and fully customize the design, look and feel of your app.

Create a custom in-app navigation that best suits your courses and membership.

Instantly change your design, branding and color scheme anytime with instant updates via the VidApp Builder.
“My brand is my baby, so the fact I can add, update, and upload all by myself so simply using the VidApp Builder makes a world of difference."

Katie Austin, Katie Austin TV Founder

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VidApp To The Moon

Grow, reach & engage
like never before

Combine native and react-native technology to make sure your members get the best in performance, speed and offline functionality.
Sell your courses & subscriptions in the App Stores with in-app transactions.

Integrate your WordPress plugins for user created "Favorites" playlists that sync web-to-app.

Offer secure video downloads for offline viewing and send unlimited mobile push notifications to keep members engaged and reduce churn by up to 30%.

Secure downloads for offline viewing, Chromecast, AirPlay, Bluetooth and more. All the in-app features you'll ever need

Chromecast, AirPlay, and Bluetooth functionality
Secure video downloads for offline viewing
In-app playlists
Unlimited Mobile Push Notifications
In-app "smart search"
Advanced in-app filtering
In-app podcasts
Fully customizable colours and branding
Create a custom in-app navigation
Native in-app purchases
WordPress + MemberPress integration
Interactive in-app calendar and daily journal
Apple TV and Roku apps
Easily weblink Shopify or stores
Community groups & pages
Spotify & music streaming apps playable in the background

Yoga & Pilates

Fitness & Health

Educational Courses


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Yoga With Adriene

Loved by millions, the world's largest online yoga teacher, Adriene Mishler, trusts VidApp to create an amazing mobile and TV app experience for her global community.


With thousands of passionate members, HIIT MAX is a high-energy, online health and fitness platform with a strong following that reaches all corners of the planet.
Commune App


Life-changing courses, from world-leading teachers. Commune's online video courses feature some of the world’s most influential teachers including Russell Brand, Adriene Mishler, Wim Hof and Deepak Chopra.


Fearless is an online web-channel that lets its members watch award-winning and thought-provoking movies, shows, and short films featured at film festivals around the world.
“Our audience was constantly asking for an app and now they love downloading videos for offline viewing - an absolute game changer!
The VidApp platform and entire team were so impressive. They continue to make sure our experience is great and our thousands of members have everything they need which means we can focus on growing our business.”

Kelsey Heenan, HIIT MAX Co-Founder

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Save $5,000 on app setup costs and take your
video courses or membership to the next level with VidApp

$8,999 $2,999 save $5,000

Limited spaces available

Quick! Limited spaces available.

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