Sell your videos through your own custom branded video app.

It's Free!
From $199
More than 400 DVDs and online video stores have been published as apps through our platform.

1. Two billion app store users are actively searching for content like yours
If you don't have an app, you're missing out on one of the biggest marketplaces on the planet.
2. App store users spent more than $US30 billion in 2016
Gone are the days of $0.99 purchases. The average purchase through our apps is approximately $US18.
3. Mobile devices now deliver 45% of all video views 1
Video viewing on tablets and smartphones has exploded since 2013 (as shown in the chart below).
Source - Ooyala Global Video Index Q1 2016
4. 85% of users prefer apps over mobile websites 2
Apps are faster, more convenient and provide additional functionality (like downloading videos directly to your device for offline viewing). The strategy of "website optimized for mobile" isn't enough. If you're serious about delivering high quality video content, you need an app.
5. Avoid listing your videos in iTunes and Google Play
The main alternative to launching apps is to list your videos for sale in iTunes and Google Play. That can be expensive, plus it's also no longer possible if you're selling how-to videos 3 (and it's difficult even if you're selling other types of video content).


A Vidapp is an app specifically designed to sell premium video content.

Apple and Android

Reach 97% of smartphone and tablet users (aka everyone in the world).
5 Star Apps

Our proven designs mean you can avoid launching an app to bad reviews.
Smart TV Integration

Beam videos from your Vidapp to your Apple TV or Chromecast device.
Buy, Rent, Subscribe

Choose how you want to monetize your videos - anything is possible.
Free Previews

Customers love free previews - they are essential for generating sales.
Audio, PDF and Video

Include MP3 and PDF files in your apps - as items for sale or as free add-ons.
Easily Updatable

Add new videos and edit your app at any time through our website.
No Coding Required

No technical skills required! If you can drag and drop, you can build an app through our website.
Customer Support Included

All app users can contact us directly at for support.
Completely Your Brand

Make your app your own - the logos, colors and structure is all up to you.
Stream and Download

Some users stream, some prefer to download and view offline - it's important to offer both.
App Store Guidance

We're on hand to help you build your app rank and user base.
Choose from our selection of proven screen designs:
All views work in portrait and landscape, for iPhone, iPad and all Android devices.
We offer a range of pricing options, from a 20% revenue share option with minimal upfront costs, to a fixed price monthly or annual subscription.
— Option 1 — 20% Revenue Share Release your apps with no upfront costs.
— Option 2 — 10% Revenue Share Retain more of your sales, with no fixed annual fee.
$599 Publishing Fee
— Option 3 — Fixed Price Pay a monthly or annual fee to retain all of your sales. $99 Monthly or $999 Per Annum
It's Free!
From $199
Can you build my app for me?
We can design and build your app for you for an additional $199 (including up to 10 purchasable videos and 4 hours of total video duration).

How many videos can I include in a Vidapp?
You can include up to 20 GB of video in your app. If you require more than this, you can purchase additional storage:
  • 50 GB for $99
  • 200 GB for $199
  • 500 GB for $499

What percentage of sales do Apple and Google take?
Apple and Google take a 30% share of all sales through their app stores.

Are there any fees for releasing updates to my app once it's live?
No! You can release as many app updates as you like.

What if I'd like to publish apps under my own developer title?
No problem! As long as you choose either our 10% Revenue Share Plan or our Fixed Price Plan, you can set up your own developer titles by following our instructions here.
At present, the cost of having your own developer title is $99 annually for Apple and a one-off fee of $25 for Android.