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Choose our simple STARTER option, or offer your audience it all with our FLEXI "pay-as-you-go" plan.
Quality designs + Specialist integrations + Video app functionality
  • + no per user fees
  • STARTER includes all of our base features, plus:
  • Native Android + Tablet app
  • Launch on your own developer titles
  • Integrate with Vimeo, YouTube, Wistia
  • Include any digital content (video, audio, PDFs, Ebooks)
  • Custom app icon, nav bar + colour scheme
  • Custom on-boarding screens
  • Templated design
  • + 50c per subscriber
  • FLEXI includes all the features in STARTER, plus:
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • In-app transactions (subscriptions)
  • Integrate with WordPress plugins (Memberpress, DAP...)
  • Integrate with Vimeo OTT, Kajabi, Uscreen.tv
  • Quarterly feature + design upgrades
  • App user technical support
  • Custom app tab structure + icons
  • Customize with our entire range of designs
  • Drip feed in-app content
Add ons
  • Over +3,000 subscribers, add-ons or custom work
  • + 40c per subscriber > 3,000 subscribers
  • Native Apple TV app*
  • Native Roku app*
  • Web - Mobile - TV in-app purchases
  • Design customizations
  • Custom functionality
  • In-app calendar
  • In-app filtering
*Set up support: To make it as easy and simple as possible, we'll work with you from the initial design and build phase, to launch,
and any ongoing maintenance. All our plans come with a set up fee.

**Per user fees are calculated on people that log into your app each month

***One-off products: Per user fees are calculated on buy-to-own or one-off products as 3-5% of the items ticket price.

Looking for an enterprise or more custom solution?

For over 4,000 subscribers or something more customised we'd love to chat!
I tried other development options which cost thousands and failed - simply because it’s hard to find people that know what they’re doing. Vidapp knew exactly what I needed for my app. They understood my brand, my subscription service and my app needs."
Katie Austin
Founder / CEO / Fitness Star

Included in all plans

Vidapp self-service platform

Sync, upload and organise your content, plus edit and update your video apps and your App Store accounts yourself with the Vidapp platform (CMS + App Builder)

Push live-app updates

Release new content and change your app designs with the click of a button. Changes will show in real time ensuring your audience is always up-to-date

Single user interface

Edit, update and control all your App Store details and accounts from one user-friendly interface. One simple tool, for all major platforms.

Analytics + direct payments

View and access in-depth analytics through your own developer titles - plus, receive all in-app generated revenue directly into your account from the App Stores

Unlimited video storage

Never worry about data limits again. Whether you're sync'd with your existing video hosting solution or hosting entirely on Vidapp

Ongoing maintenance

Every time Apple / Google / Roku require app code updates, we'll automatically carry them out for you with no additional fees

Specialist OTT / video functionality

A Netflix like experience - your video apps will support secure video downloads, AirPlay, Chromecast, and Bluetooth headphone connectivity

Risk free

De-risk your app creation with no high upfront costs or long-term plans. Cancel, upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time

World Leading CDN

We use world-leading Content Delivery Networks to ensure you stream over the right network to a global audience - a better experience with less buffering

Customer support

Our friendly and dedicated customer support team is here to make sure if you have an issue, we’ll solve it. We succeed, when you do

Frequently asked questions

Quite simply because we offer much more than a standard developer! We handle all your app user support, provide per user features like push notifications, unlimited video hosting and specialty integrations at a fraction of the price of traditional development. The per user fee allows our support and features to grow and scale with you. We succeed when you do.

Yes. The per user fee is applied to anyone who logs into your app.

In a nutshell, we’ll make it quick, easy and simple to get your video apps launched.

1) Initial app design and structure consultations
2) Syncing your content and building your apps to match your brand
3) Help getting your developer accounts set up and approved
4) Our designers will design your app icon, tab icon, App Store screenshots, and onboarding screens

Definitely not, and there never will be. There are no surprise costs and we will never charge you for anything that hasn’t been agreed on.  There’s no sneaky business here.

Great question. Depending on what level of customization you’re after and which services we’re integrating with, we can complete your designs in as little as a few days – but generally it takes between 6 – 8 weeks to design, make revisions and launch.

Apple, Google and Roku receive a revenue share of any digital products sold through in-app purchases inside your video apps. This is to manage and process any payments.

For one-off products they receive 30%.
For in-app subscriptions they receive 30% for the first 12 months, and then 15% for every month after than.

Although this isn’t small, in-app purchases are exploding in popularity and they really are the most frictionless way to turn a potential new user into a customers.

The good news is that you own your Developer titles, and as part of the Vidapp service we will help manage them by letting you know if you need to action anything. Because you own them, you are in charge of any fees and accepting any T&Cs. 

The current fees for having a Developer Title with each App Stores are:
Apple – $99 per year
Android – $25 one time
Roku – Free

Depending on what service or platform your content is integrated with, you simply update it on your normal service and then click “sync” within the Vidapp platform. It’s as easy as that.

Of course, design to convert! Combine your freemium products with multiple buy-to-own / subscription products inside your app. Give potential customers a taste before hooking them in for recurring revenue.

Owning your audience is vital to creating your recurring revenue dream. For this reason you own your audience and all your content inside your apps.

Similar to Vimeo, WordPress or any other technology service, Vidapp manages and owns the code. For this reason you can feel comortable knowing we will never market competitors apps to your audience.

We are constantly adding new designs, features and functionality to ensure we meet the majority of your needs.

If you have custom work that you would like doing before or after your video apps are launched, we’re more than happy to discuss this with you and price depending on the scope of the work.

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