How to launch an app for your channel or membership site

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Want to build and launch your very own native mobile app for your channel or membership site, integrating with all your content and people? With VidApp you can. 🤟

Step 1: Set up your channel or membership site

  • Before getting started with VidApp, your web channel or membership site will need to be fully set up and ready to go! We integrate with web platforms including Kajabi, Uscreen, Vimeo OTT and WordPress, making the connection between your web platform and VidApp seamless

Step 2: Join VidApp!

Step 3: Integrate with VidApp

  • Invite us to your channel or membership site
  • And once invited, we'll connect your content, subscriptions, and people

Step 4: Set up your developer account

Step 5: Build your app

  • Select your app's template
  • Design and create your app's core elements
  • Taking your lead, we'll then build the first version of your app!

Step 6: Get App Store ready

  • Write and optimize your Apple and Android app store product pages
  • Meanwhile, we'll create your App Store Previews alongside you

Step 7: Submit

  • We'll submit your apps to Apple and Google taking care of the submission and review process for you

Step 8: Go live and launch!

  • Make your app live across the app stores and take your app to the world through your very own app launch!
  • VidApp will support your app users' ongoing
  • We'll also support you, with any app questions or problems you may have
  • And we'll ensure your apps stay up-to-date with the latest, freshest, code and design

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